​​​​​2017 Primary Beneficiary

The Killington Pre-Kindergarten Program 

Mission Statement

It is our mission at the Killington Pre-K to provide a safe, nurturing, and caring environment to support individual children’s learning as they develop as a whole child; socially, emotionally,physically, and academically.

The Pre-K program is a 5 STAR Pre-Qualified Pre-Kindergarten Program. We follow the
Vermont Early Learning Standards which is supported by the Creative Teaching Strategies Gold
Curriculum. The focus is on the Developing Self: Approaches to Learning, Social-Emotional
Development, Growing, Moving, and Being Healthy. Communication and Expression are seen
through Language Development, Literacy, Language, Creative Arts & Expression. Learning
about the World through Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies rounds out the Educational
Objectives and Dimensions.

Our Pre-K is designed to reflect the interests and developmental skill level of each child. The
Vermont Early Learning Standards and TSGold are used to guide the development of the
Creative Curriculum Framework that creates and supports a classroom where one can teach
effectively, and where children can thrive. We have built a classroom community and an
environment where the children can develop their talents, and potential is respected and
nourished. Learning is alive for all!

Children learn through play, and our Classroom is filled with a variety of activity areas giving
them the room to explore. We have a Nature Based Classroom outside as well. We believe that
the world is our classroom and there are many exciting opportunities for adventure through a
variety of Field Trips, not only in our own town of Killington, but in surrounding communities as

Parent and Family Involvement is key to any successful school and I compliment the level of
involvement of the Parents and Families of the children in our school this year! They are
amazing, supportive and they love what is happening throughout their children’s days here! We
are also so fortunate to have many of our Killington residents bring their special talents to the
classroom as well! Building School and Community strengthens our program and Families!
We have a Ski Program that starts in January and runs through March-What Fun We Have!!!!
Some other highlights include our partnership with Killington Mountain School-students from
KMS visit us every Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 hours to play, read, and interact with our
students! We in turn have spent some time learning how to jump on the tramp with the KMS
Certified Coaches and students. Eating lunch in their dining hall is an additional part of the
adventure. We appreciate their involvement.

We are so very grateful to the Killington Elementary School for their support, and in reaching
out to the Pre-K to include us in most school events, the Winter and Spring Concerts, special
presentations, use of the Gym, the Library, and even eating lunch in the lunchroom with the “big kids!” The children love their 2nd grade reading buddies, and the newly created 4 th grade
mentoring program is an added plus! Thank you KES!!!

I invite anyone in the community to visit us anytime to see what is happening in our Classroom!

Betty Hughes
Pre-K School Director

The Killington Pre-Kindergarten Program presently has 20 students enrolled, ages 3-5. School
runs Monday through Friday, 8:00-3:00 with an After School Program from 3:00-4:00.